Animation Ideas for your Small Business

Whenever the topic of animated videos is brought up, one cannot help but think about Disney movies, Cartoon Network, or even sometimes, Japanese anime. It is perfectly normal since these are the types of animated videos that almost everyone is familiar with. Its undeniable ‘pull’ on its audience along with its popularity makes it a perfectly flexible tool for other than pure entertainment. There are already animated videos produced for marketing or advertising. 

However, it can easily be perceived as something too complicated to create given its complex production process. It is not entirely false. It does take a lot of time and effort to create an animated video, especially one that resonates with an audience. But what if we try to look at it more simply? Instead of going for those grand thematics, how about trying to think of something that you can adapt for your brand?

Here are a few animated video formats that can help your brand/business:

1. GIFs

One major factor that adds up to an animated video’s production cost is its length. An hour-long animated video will undeniably cost more than a 5-seconder animated clip. This is not to say that you should sacrifice your brand’s message in return for a shorter animated video. Rather, this can be a good opportunity to narrow it down into its specifics. 

For example, if you are a budding coffee shop, instead of choosing to create a short film about how your coffee brings people together, how about creating a gif of how your coffee shop looks on a usual day? The lady who always comes after work, that old couple who sits by the window as they watch people come and go, or even that stray dog who sits by your shop’s door. With this, you did not only save on your production cost, but you are also able to relay a message at a glance.


The most successful animated videos are known for details, whether a main character’s dress or exquisite background scenery. However, there will always be times when opting for less will do more. Whiteboard animation is animated content that looks as if it’s drawn on either a whiteboard or a white background. This works best for explainer videos or whenever you’d like to discuss complex ideas in simpler terms.

Going with the coffee shop example, you can use whiteboard animation to show how your bestseller drinks are prepared. You can also use it to give your customers a little background on how your business came to be or explain why the quality of your products is the best in the market.


Kettle Chips Ad by Social Motion Films

There are a lot of other ways to create animated videos other than those based on illustrations. With stop motion, puppets or objects are given the impression of movement through the repeated action of starting and stopping the camera, hence its name. 

Instead of creating actual puppets (which can be quite tedious and costly), you can use everyday objects found in your coffee shop. You can show the journey of your coffee from the farm to your shop by simply using coffee beans, photographs. You may even use a bit of origami.

Most of the time, we are discouraged by the grandiose of things. However, trying to innovate according to your resources will make you see things in a different light. All it takes is a bit of creativity and courage to take that plunge.

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