Five YouTube Channels To Binge-Watch For Relaxation

The creative industry is tough. It always has been. From long working hours, demanding deadlines to sometimes unreasonable requests from clients, we are all expected to take it and somehow find a way to make things work. Often described as a “fast-paced working environment”, we have been programmed into thinking that since it has been this way for a really long time, then there must be nothing wrong about it. And yet, we see colleagues getting hurt during production, we see more artists with deteriorating mental health, we see fresh graduates getting exploited. 

However, that does not always have to be the case. As an artist, your greatest investment will always be yourself. It is important for you to find that “me time” which will help you get your mind off things once in a while. It could be finding a new hobby or simply passing time by watching YouTube videos. You’ll be amazed by the amount of content the site has for people who look for relaxation and peace in this rather chaotic world.

To help you get started on your “me time” exploration, let us share with you some of our favorite YouTube channels that will help you get that comfy time you so desperately need.

1. 李子柒 Liziqi

Genre: Cooking | Handicrafts | Country Living
Subscribers: 16.5M

Photo Credit: Liziqi’s Youtube Channel

A well-known Chinese internet celebrity, vlogger and entrepreneur, Liziqi’s videos showcase her day-to-day activities in her local hometown. From creating her own dresses to crafting furniture to even making her own wine, Liziqi’s videos show immense detail of her environment.  The breathtaking views, her grandmother’s smile and all the things she could do with only whatever’s on hand does prove that most of the time, everything we need is everything we have at hand.

2. TheCottageFairy 

Genre: Country Living | Handicrafts | Inspirational
Subscribers: 806K

Photo Credit: TheCottageFairy’s Youtube Channel

Paola Merrill lives true to the cottagecore aesthetic. She combines her artistry and literature background to create videos that feaure her little country cottage that sits in a valley. She mentions in her video that she once lived in the city but found more comfort in the rural areas. Her videos are often accompanied by comforting voiceovers of fairytales or life lessons that she lives by. 

3. AmandaRachLee 

Genre: Art | Lifestyle | Bullet Journals
Subscribers: 2.12M

Photo Credit: AmandaRachLee’s Youtube Channel

Having started her Youtube channel in 2013, AmandaRachLee has been creating videos for eight years now. She’s a “stationery-obsessed”, bubble tea-loving friend who happens to be able to draw straight lines without a ruler”. Her videos feature more of her art, stationery hauls and getting her days productive. Though most of her videos are pretty relaxing, a personal favorite are her Plan With Me videos which show her process of creating her bullet journal set-ups. Her art plus soothing voice makes a good companion for a relaxing day or night ahead.

4. 쉐이드그린shade green (flower shop) 

Genre: Flower Shop Vlog | ASMR
Subscribers: 133K

shade green
Photo Credit: shade green’s Youtube Channel

A rather recent discovery and one of the newest channels on this list is 쉐이드그린shade green. Unlike the previous channels, this creator rarely speaks and shows her face. She communicates through her subtitles which only adds to the relaxing ambient feel of her videos. With the addition of ASMR and relaxing music, she shows her daily life as a florist from preparing flowers for display to giving flower arrangement classes.

4. 라떼파파_LATTE PAPA (coffee shop)

Genre: Café Vlog | ASMR
Subscribers: 260K

Photo Credit: LATTE PAPA’s Youtube Channel

If you’re a foodie or someone who loves desserts and coffee, then this channel is the one for you. A play on the Swedish slang “Latte Papa” which means a rather attractive dad that can be found in coffee shops and being Latte’s (a very adorable golden retriever) human owner, this channel gives an inside peek on the inner workings of a coffee shop located in Jeju Island. There is only one warning to keep in mind before checking this channel, never, ever watch it when you’re hungry.