How Winning Companies Turn Creativity Into Business Growth

When talking about corporate life, we often fall into the stereotype thought of cubicles after cubicles of people facing their monitors for eight hours. Though this may still be true today, things have definitely changed. More and more companies are embracing the incorporation of fun, individuality, and creativity into their offices. 

It is a common misconception that creativity is only gifted to a chosen few, that there are those who are not cut out for it. However, believe it or not, everyone has their own creative skills waiting to be unleashed. Honing it is a daily process and results are the by-product of constant work around it. It does not actually matter how you do it because just like with learning any other skill, the more you work on it, the better you will be.

In our experience, creativity in a business often translates into these three things:

1. Innovation

The most creative people that we have worked with were also some of the most innovative. Creative minds are always on the lookout for something new. They will always find a way to break usual practices and turn them into, most of the time, something more efficient. And with business, always having something new is a great advantage.

2. Adaptability

Of course, creativity does not always yield good results. There will be times when failures will happen. However, the best thing about creativity is that it does not require you to be perfect.  As a matter of fact, failures are more than welcome. It serves as a catalyst for creativity to move even further forward. With nurturing creativity, you are bound to find answers to questions or even problems in the most unexpected ways.

3. Improved Customer Experience

Now more than ever, companies have been stepping up their game, all for the purpose of improving customer experience. And the people behind these fresh ideas? Most of them are creatives.

With their enthusiasm to innovate and adapt to competition, a company’s creative team will always be the best people to brew ideas for a better customer experience. Apart from creation, first and foremost, they take the time to understand your customers’ needs in order to develop the most relevant campaigns.

It may seem like a tough plunge. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of when. When will you start taking action? When will you break your usual cycle to try that crazy idea that you’ve had in your mind for a while now? When will you stop going along and carve your own path?

Photos by Stas Knop, Rodolfo Clix, cottonbro and Anthony Shkraba from Pexels