The Value of Creativity for Your Business


The word ‘business’ seems to often entail something in the lines of numbers, profit, stocks, and everything that could fall in the category of what one may call ‘serious’ stuff. On the other hand, when one hears of the word ‘creativity’, it is somehow often associated with colors, art, music, and all those ‘happy’ things. Of course, both terms encompass more than these words. However, the more we think about both as more than mere words, for an instance an industry, the stark contrast is undeniable. This can often lead to a single train of thought. Can both thrive in coexistence?

During the old times, and sometimes still applicable today, the main point of a business was to make a profit. It has always been the initial goal after all. Companies are focused on the continuous improvement of their financial, capital, and human resources. Most of the time, these are limited to what is tangible. The concept of something so abstract like ‘creativity’ isn’t actually taboo but is rather scarce.

However, as time went by, businesses along with their target markets have changed. The internet happened. Social media happened. Consumers have now started seeing beyond what was being handed over. They have started to get more critical about the products and services they purchase. Somewhere along the lines, what seemed like an awkward dynamic between business and creativity has become a necessity. 

Creativity then gave birth to innovations. Products and services were no longer limited to ‘what you see is what you get’. The consumer experience that comes after has become essential. A business can no longer rely on mere figures to rise above its competitors. Everyday, in a saturated market, every business works toward innovating ways on keeping their consumers’ interest. It can be very taxing, yes. However, if a business manages to properly invest in keeping its ‘creativity’, then it is a major gamechanger. Those who stayed are those who managed to innovate.

After the innovations come productivity. Solutions were never one-step procedures. Creativity in a business plays a great role in finding more than one answer. And sometimes, it could also lead to something easier. This in turn greatly benefits the business since it helps save resources. Creative thinking undeniably goes hand in hand with problem-solving, creating chances that could eventually lead to major breakthroughs. 

Creativity in a business is a major edge among competitors. Being able to provide something new every time, something to look forward to, something more than what is already readily available, is more than enough to bring any business to their a-game. With the proper investment and utilization, businesses who nurture creativity within their system are bound to reach beyond borders.