Tips on Preventing a Creative Burnout

There is nothing better than finding joy in the things that you do. As creatives, we have this certain drive to work towards our passion and we know that our output is greatly affected by our disposition. Looking back, you can probably pinpoint multiple instances where you were able to produce quality work just because you’re feeling happy or inspired that day. Also, there could have been days when you just wanted a project to be over because of all the stress and pressure that it entails. Thus, resulting in a mediocre if not poor result. Though this applies to every creative, it is most especially true for those in the video production industry.

Though some have fully mastered a way of being high functioning creatives despite a stressful and very fast-paced environment, wouldn’t it be nice to find a way to navigate through all the negativity and rediscover that spark of passion in the work that we do? 

In The Coffee Creatives, we always try our best to find that balance between work and fun. So, let us share these tips that helped us in the hope that they will always help you.

1. Accept projects aligned with your goals and values.

There is nothing more stressful than working on a project that does not embody your ideals. It may seem a little idealistic, but we would like to believe that we attract the clients we like to have. If we only accept projects that we can fully put our heart into, even if things do get difficult, there will always be a sense of accomplishment after.

2. Do not be afraid to go a little crazy sometimes.

It is easy to fall into the cycle of continuously doing what works best, especially if it is something that you have done for so many years. However, now and then, it would not hurt to go out of your comfort zone and try something new, something unconventional. It is always refreshing to try a different take on things.

3. Know more about your topic/audience.

If you are working on an unfamiliar project, it always pays off to do a little bit of research. May it be an ocular, immersion, or a simple interview, knowing more about what you will be working on will greatly reduce the mishaps afterward.

4. Work with a team you trust.

When the going gets tough, it is always reassuring to know that there are people behind your back. Being with a team that you trust and get along with, results in more efficient teamwork. Plus, you get to crack a few jokes and have fun on set!

5. Rest.

In a society where hard work is often glamorized, rest may often seem like a lazy man’s excuse. However, as a creative and a freelancer, your greatest investment will always be yourself. No amount of money or opportunity will be worth more than your health.