Why Coffee Creatives?

Like many creative ideas, it all came from sessions accompanied by good, hot brewed cups of coffee.

Initially starting off as an idea to set up a coffee shop, founder Karla Ujano decided to take it one step further and establish a collective of young and driven creative minds who can lend their talents to provide creative marketing solutions to different organizations. In keeping with the original idea of starting a coffee shop, the collective was named “Coffee Creatives”.

Specializing in video editing, animation and video production, The Coffee Creatives has served a wide range of clients throughout its eight years of existence, from startup companies to large, multinational enterprises, advertising agencies and advocacy organizations.

Because its roster holds experience in many multimedia fields such as filmmaking, advertising, copywriting and graphic design, The Coffee Creatives has also had the opportunity to provide services such as branding, design and lay-out, and social media content creation to different clients.

Looking for a creative jolt in your needs? Let us collaborate with you.

We are The Coffee Creatives. Feel free to send us an email to info@thecoffeecreatives.com and let’s talk about your next project!