Women Who Make Our Team Work

The Coffee Creatives Team of Women

More than excellence and creativity, The Coffee Creatives also prides itself on developing a work environment that is conducive for everyone’s growth. Artists from different walks of life have always been welcomed and acknowledged within the team. From young animators to the most seasoned creative directors, The Coffee Creatives has seen it all. The team has become a melting pot of young artists trained to incorporate their values in every work that they do. 

Among these values is women empowerment. In a male dominated industry, creative women are often overlooked. Most of the time, their jobs and projects are limited to those that are perceived to be only within their capacity as women. 

In celebration of this year’s Women’s Month, The Coffee Creatives would like to break away from this notion by acknowledging and giving tribute to the women behind the team’s continued success.

Jade Alffonso-Cabauatan - The Coffee Creatives Illustrator/Graphic artist

JADE ALFFONSO-CABAUATAN, Illustrator/Graphic Artist
Office Nickname: Jedok

Jade is a graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Painting in the University of the Philippines Diliman. She is one of the people mostly responsible for the team’s fresh graphic design concepts and compelling illustrations. Some of her works are also featured on The Coffee Creative’s social media platforms. 

Being a very active artist in the art scene, she has been participating in different art shows and exhibits since 2015. Her most recent exhibit was in the Ortigas Art Festival at Estancia at Capitol Commons, Pasig City in 2020. She is also a current member of Lakan Sining ng Bulacan and Hagonoy Art Group.

Aside from working on projects with the team, Jade is also a part-time faculty for senior high and high school students at St. Paul College Pasig where she hones the next generation of artists.

Liezel Braga - The Coffee Creatives Illustrator/Graphic designer

LIEZEL BRAGA, Illustrator/Graphic Designer
Office Nickname: Lizi

Another Fine Arts graduate from the University of the Philippines Diliman, but this time a Visual Communications Major, is Liezel. Her artistic prowess ranges from prints to illustrations, brand identity, strategy and graphic design. Close to a jack of all trades, she is the team’s go to whenever a project requires more than a little bit of everything.

Having worked as an Art Director for two years, Liezel then decided to take the path of freelancing which exposed her to a wide variety of design concepts. This has also allowed her to bring about the freshest takes on design ideas and then translating it into her art. Currently, she continues to go down the same road while standing up for creativity with relevance and functionality.

Karla Ujano - The Coffee Creatives Owner/Executive Creative Director

KARLA UJANO, Owner/Executive Creative Director 
Office Nickname: Madam

Lastly, the brain behind it all, is Karla. Also a graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of the Philippines Diliman, Karla is an all-around animator, video editor and designer for The Coffee Creatives. This is on top of managing the entirety of the company and clients. She developed her interest in videos and films during her stay in the university. In 2017, she then took on a month-long intensive filmmaking workshop with the Mowelfund Filmmaking Institute.

Under her direction, The Coffee Creatives incorporates humanistic values in every job done. The company’s active involvement in projects for humanitarian and non-government organizations perfectly shows Karla’s goal of showing artists and animators alike that art can indeed be a significant tool to the betterment of the society.

Gone were the days when creative women merely relied on men’s validation for their value. Today, joining million of other organizations that call for women empowerment in the workspace, The Coffee Creatives pays tribute to every woman who makes their own team work.

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